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Difference-in-Difference Evaluation of the Wisconsin Full Child Support Pass-Through Policy: Final Report

This difference-in-difference evaluation makes use of the opportunity provided by the end of the child support pass-through experiment to assess the changes in outcomes for custodial and noncustodial parents associated with the full pass-through and disregard policy.

The analysis compared the differences in outcome means between the group consistently receiving the full pass-through and the group that formerly received a partial pass-through, but began to receive the full pass-through as of July 2002, for the year prior to the policy change (July 2001-June 2002) and the two years after the policy change. The report posted here examines differences between the year prior and the year from July 2003-June 2004. We found that the difference in difference was consistently larger for those in the group formerly receiving the partial pass-through but that only the difference arising from the mechanical effect of the change to full pass-through on child support received was statistically significant.

A report that examined differences between the year prior and the year immediately after the change was completed in January 2005 but is not posted, because methodologies and findings were comparable to those presented here.


Child Support, CSDE, CSDE Report, Orders & Payments, Pass-Through & Disregard, Related Social Policies