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Neighborhood Effects

“Neighborhood effects” are the ways in which where a person lives affects their opportunities and choices.

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Segregation and subprime lending within and across metropolitan areas

  • Jackelyn Hwang, Michael Hankinson, and Kreg Steven Brown
  • Focus & Focus+
  • March 2019
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Can Your Neighborhood Affect Your Health?

  • Mustafa Hussein
  • Podcast
  • January 2018
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Poverty, neighborhood, and school setting

  • Focus & Focus+
  • Spring/Summer 2017
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Neighborhood and the intergenerational transmission of poverty

  • Lincoln Quillian
  • Focus & Focus+
  • Spring/Summer 2017
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Financial Barriers to College Completion

  • Jacob Roble
  • Poverty Fact Sheet
  • March 2017
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Rethinking Neighborhood Violence in Chicago

  • Robert Vargas and Forrest Stuart
  • Webinar
  • April 13 2016