Inequality & Mobility: General

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Reducing Income Inequality in Educational Attainment: Experimental Evidence on the Impact of Financial Aid on College Completion

  • Sara Goldrick-Rab, Robert Kelchen, Douglas N. Harris, and James Benson
  • Discussion Paper
  • March 2012
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Poverty and poor health: Can health care reform narrow the rich-poor gap?

  • Barbara Wolfe
  • Focus on Poverty & Classroom Supplement
  • Fall/Winter (2011-2012) 2012
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The Effect of Family Income on Risk of Child Maltreatment

  • Maria Cancian, Kristen Shook Slack, Mi Youn Yang
  • Discussion Paper
  • August 2010
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Analyzing the Impact of Highway Tolls on Low-Income Persons: An Application to the Puget Sound Region of Washington State

  • Robert D. Plotnick, Jennifer Romich, Jennifer Thacker, and Matthew Dunbar
  • Discussion Paper
  • May 2010