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Financial Security

Financial insecurity occurs when an individual or family experiences inadequate or inconsistent economic resources to acquire basic necessities and meet expenses.

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Reforming housing assistance to better respond to recipient needs

  • Robert Collinson, Ingrid Gould Ellen, and Jens Ludwig
  • Focus on Poverty & Classroom Supplement
  • June 2021
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Impact of Government Programs Adopted During the New Deal on Residential Segregation Today

  • Jacob Faber, and edited by Anna Sucsy
  • Fast Focus Policy Brief
  • February 2021
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Analysis of the Unemployment Insurance Waiting Period in Wisconsin

  • Jeffrey Smith, Yonah Drazen, Steven Cook, and Hilary Shager
  • Report
  • November 30 2020
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Shared Placement and Post-Divorce Economic Well-Being

  • Judi Bartfeld and Trisha Chanda
  • Report
  • November 2020
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Lessons from Cash Transfer and Basic Income Pilot Programs

  • Lisa Gennetian, Aisha Nyandoro, Amy Castro Baker, and Stacia Martin-West
  • Webinar
  • October 14 2020
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Sarah Halpern-Meekin on “Social Poverty”

  • Sarah Halpern-Meekin
  • Podcasts
  • April 2020
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Policy approaches to reducing poverty and deep poverty among children

  • Hilary Hoynes, Robert Moffitt, and Timothy Smeeding
  • Focus on Poverty & Classroom Supplement
  • September 2019