New RSF journal double-issue reimagines “Anti-Poverty Policy Initiatives for the U.S.”

Lawrence Berger, Maria Cancian, and Katherine Magnuson coedited a double-issue of the Russell Sage Foundation’s open-access journal that features substantially new, innovative anti-poverty policy proposals. The proposals by leading social scientists explore alternatives to shrinking federal programs.

Issue One Proposals

Universal Child Allowance; Cash for Kids; Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan; Single-Parent Family Policy Reforms; Reconstructing SNAP; Renter’s Tax Credit; Rainy Day EITC

Issue Two Proposals

Federal Minimum Wage Hike; Federal Job Guarantee; National Subsidized Employment; Grants to Community Colleges for High-Demand Fields; Accelerated Associate Degree Programs; Two-Generation Human Capital Initiative; Reducing Unintended and Nonmarital Births; Assessing Potential Impact of New Policy Proposals