IRP Demographic Data Privacy Policy

Our organizational commitment to embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in our research projects, organizational culture, and partnerships serves as a foundation for our work as the National Research Center on Poverty and Economic Mobility, including fellowship programs, grant programs, research, publications, and events.

IRP collects self-reported information on the gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, and economic backgrounds of its applicants, grantees, contributors, staff, and Affiliates. Participation is voluntary and individuals may choose to skip one or all of the questions. Individuals may also choose to report their demographic data anonymously.

We use aggregated data to understand who is applying for and receiving funding, whose research IRP is highlighting in its publications and at its events, and with whom IRP partners. When issues are identified, we proactively develop strategies to address them, and track our success. We may also use individual-level data for specific purposes that include, but are not limited to, selecting reviewers and mentors; and ensuring diversity in specific activities, including events, and content planning.

These data are essential to measuring our progress towards increasing equitable participation and expanding the diversity of the poverty and economic mobility research network. In the absence of such data, equity initiatives may rely upon assumptions based on inferior and potentially biased sources such as names, pictures, and aspects of a person’s curriculum vitae.

Individual-level data is held in strict confidence and is not shared with any third parties (including reviewers).* Unless the opportunity is specific to applicants from groups underrepresented in academia, it will not be used as a factor in decision making for funding opportunities.

For questions concerning our commitment to advance equity, please contact

*Individuals who provide their demographic data are assigned a random number. The key matching individuals to their assigned number is kept in a separate file from the individual-line demographic data. Both files are password-protected using different passwords and are kept in secure folders with restricted access.

Individuals may choose to share their individual-level data but request to keep it anonymous. In these circumstances, IRP retains the individual level data anonymously and does not associate it with a name in any database. In these circumstances, we do not assign a random number to the individual’s demographic data as that data is always anonymous.

For opportunities directed to applicants from groups underrepresented in academia, limited demographic information is collected during the application process. Once eligibility is determined by IRP staff, demographic data is removed from the other application materials and put into a restricted file. External reviewers do not receive demographic information as part of their review materials.

Individual-level data is not shared with any third parties without explicit consent from the individual.