University of Wisconsin–Madison

DreamUp Wisconsin 2019 Semi Finalists

Opportunity Calculator

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  • Create an opportunity calculator to inform workers of their income and benefit(s).
  • Create a digital people-to-program platform to streamline communication between workers and workforce programs.
  • Bolster the EARN Dane resource network to support career advancement.
  • Partners: Employment and Training Association, City of Madison, Workforce Development Board South Central WI, United Way of Dane County, Latino Academy of Workforce Development, Urban League Greater Madison.
Opportunity Calculator Team: Baltazar De Anda-Santana, Ed Lee, Iliana Wood, and Carole Trone
Opportunity Calculator Team: Baltazar De Anda-Santana, Ed Lee, Iliana Wood, and Carole Trone
Formerly EARN Dane: Empowering Employee Advancement

Connect Rx

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  • Partner with Black families to design a culturally responsive, closed-loop referral system that coordinates, tracks and responds to their self-identified needs.
  • Health care providers would administer a universal screener for social needs and establish a risk-stratification system to connect high-risk patients to a community-based network of professionals.
  • Partners: Dane County Health Council, Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness, UW–Madison Population Health Institute.
Connect Rx Team: Lisa Payton-Caire and Hayley Chesnik
Connect Rx Team: Lisa Peyton-Caire and Hayley Chesnik
Formerly Thrive Dane and Healthy Black Families


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  • Double the size of the FEED Kitchen facility to incorporate a co-packing service, pop-up restaurant, retail space, and culinary training.
  • Develop a food cart web application.
  • Develop a FEED Kitchen delivery service.
  • Partners: Northside Planning Council


AI to Reduce Student Loan Debt

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  • Create a state-run artificial intelligence (AI) application to answer student loans questions or refer users to a coach.
  • Simplify information about student loans to help debt holders navigate the repayment system and improve the student loan default rate and the repayment efficiency.
  • Partners: Eunji You, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Mobilize Dane

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  • Remove transportation barriers to jobs.
  • Organize participating employers into a consortium that supports advancements in workforce development, child care, housing, transit, and health care.
  • Expand to more Dane County communities.
  • Partners: YWCA Madison, Union Cab, the Village of DeForest, UW–Madison Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture

ReadyBot AI Sidekick

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  • Create a career advising chatbot with the power to assess skills and make connections instantly using AI and data source integrations
  • A reskilling process that connects workers to their next best training and job opportunities.
  • Partners: Sidekick Education, UW-Madison, Center for Research on College to Workforce Transitions, UW Health, Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, Madison College, Workforce Development Board of South Central WI


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  • Enable workers in the foodservice & hospitality sectors to pick up open shifts local businesses post at will using the Clock’d app.
  • Develop job training and benefit assistance to enrolled workers.
  • Partners: Clock’d, WI Restaurant Assoc.
Clock'd Team: Marc LaPierre and Ian Buchanan
Clock’d Team: Marc LaPierre and Ian Buchanan
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