Focus and Focus+ Icon

Do farmers’ markets ameliorate food deserts?

  • Vicki A. McCracken, Jeremy L. Sage, and Rayna A. Sage
  • Focus & Focus+
  • 2012
Poverty Factsheet Icon

Wisconsin Poverty 101

  • Anna Emmerich
  • Poverty Fact Sheet
  • 2012
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The Role of Child Support in the Current Economic Safety Net for Low-Income Families with Children

  • Kristen S. Slack, Lawrence M. Berger, Bomi Kim, Mi Youn Yang
  • Report
  • 2012
Discussion Paper Icon

An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Anti-Poverty Programs in the United States

  • Yonatan Ben-Shalom, Robert Moffitt, and John Karl Scholz
  • Discussion Paper
  • 2011
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The effects of the 2009 ARRA on poverty in Wisconsin

  • Timothy M. Smeeding, Julia B. Isaacs, Joanna Y. Marks, and Katherine Thornton
  • Fast Focus
  • 2010