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States are required to establish and enforce child support orders. Parents who fail to pay ordered child support amounts are subject to various sanctions, which may include fines, driver’s license suspension, or incarceration.

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Income Support Policies for Low-Income Men and Noncustodial Fathers: Tax and Transfer Programs

  • Ronald B. Mincy, Serena Klempin, and Heather Schmidt
  • Discussion Paper
  • June 2010
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Does Debt Discourage Employment and Payment of Child Support? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

  • Maria Cancian, Carolyn Heinrich, and Yiyoon Chung
  • Discussion Paper
  • July 2009
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Factors Associated with Nonpayment of Child Support

  • Yoonsook Ha, Maria Cancian, Daniel R. Meyer, and Eunhee Han
  • Report
  • September 2008