“Everything I earn goes towards my child. [With MFF], it’s one less bill I have to pay. Diapers, wipes. I already got food stamps but that runs out pretty fast.”


“Before, my kid didn’t get new clothes for the new year, and didn’t get a backpack, nothing. But this year it was like a miracle. The first payment came right when the new school year was starting. The first deposit I got, we ran to the store and got stuff for school, and we were both really excited.”


“I’m the only one in my firm that doesn’t have a degree. Being in school and being an active student is really a huge part of why I got this job. [MFF] opened so many doors.”


“It feels good to have some type of security to fall back on. You can rely on that. It gives me strength and power, and to be told, ‘You can do it.’ That’s huge.”

Mai Kaw

“This is humanizing. I don’t feel stuck. That is a huge, huge mental break. I feel like I am alive. I am proud to be a mom, and I am proud to be American.”