Bresha a Madison Forward Fund Program participantBresha is a passionate mom of three kids, ages 9, 5, and 4 years old. Her younger two children have autism, so she spends a lot of her time navigating resources to support them, such as researching school options and finding therapy. She has become an expert on local resources for kids with special needs and has taken on leadership roles in helping other families in Madison navigate these resources, as well, because she knows how confusing and overwhelming it can be for those just getting started.

Bresha says the MFF funds have helped improve her mental health, and provided a source of emergency funds for unexpected expenses. “Guaranteed income has definitely brought down some of my stress.” For example, she used some of the money to buy tires for her car. The part she’s most excited about, though, is that she recently started her own cleaning business. She hopes this will allow her to save enough money to eventually open a respite center for families in Madison with children with special needs, which is her real passion and long-term goal. She says the funds from MFF helped create a little more room in her budget so she could take the first step towards her dream.

Guaranteed income has definitely brought down some of my stress.

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The Madison Forward Fund is no longer accepting applications. Disbursements to selected families began in September 2022.