Meet some of the Madison Forward Fund (MFF) participants. Each person shares their personal experiences with guaranteed income and how it has affected them, their family, and their community. While each story is unique, the collective narrative is powerful; the ability to have a basic level of financial stability provides autonomy, dignity, and freedom. Their stories highlight an all-too-familiar pattern. Many families in Madison face hurdles that make it impossible to thrive—whether due to illness, injury or disability, working low-wage jobs, or needing to reduce hours to care for family members. But these stories also demonstrate the potential power of basic income policies. Guaranteed income from MFF helped each of these people to overcome systemic barriers and access opportunities that otherwise would have been closed off to them and their children. When families have the freedom to succeed, our communities and economies can truly thrive.

We want to thank each of these recipients who volunteered to tell their story (some names have been changed). Your voices are powerful! Each contributes to the collective story of the guaranteed income movement and the hope for economic justice in Madison and beyond.

Photographs by: Beyond Words Productions (InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube)
Drawing credit: Buckley

The Madison Forward Fund is no longer accepting applications. Disbursements to selected families began in September 2022.