University of Wisconsin–Madison

Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat

Mallya Professor of Women and Economics

Department of Economics
Barnard College
Columbia University

Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat is Mallya Professor of Women and Economics at Barnard College, Columbia University. In 2010 she served as Senior Economist for Labor, Education, and Welfare at the White House Council of Economic Advisers. Her research focuses on the intergenerational dynamics of poverty and inequality, including: the causes and consequences of racial segregation, determinants of family structure, effects of local economic change, and reproductive decision making. She takes particular interest in quasi-experimental methods for causal inference and in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding social problems.

Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat's Research Interests

  • Demography
  • Work and family
  • Racial discrimination
  • Income inequality
  • Poverty

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