(Please note that participation is by invitation only. For more information please contact Dana Connelly at dconnelly@ssc.wisc.edu.)
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IRP Summer Research Workshop

University of Wisconsin–Madison
Grainger Hall, Room 2339
975 University Avenue
June 15–18, 2015
Session #1: Health, Genes, and Recessions
12:00-1:15 pm
Sibling Spillover Effects: The Case of Developmental Disabilities and Externalizing Behavior
Jason Fletcher, Nicole L. Hair, Barbara L. Wolfe, University of Wisconsin
1:15-2:30 pm The Educational Consequences of Having a Severely Disabled Sibling
Sandra Black, University of Texas at Austin, David Figlio, Northwestern University, Jonathan Guryan, Northwestern University, Krzysztof Karbownik, Northwestern University, Jeffrey Roth, University of Florida
2:45-4:00 pm The Intergenerational Consequences of Economic Downturns
Tom DeLeire, Georgetown University, Molly Dahl, Congressional Budget Office, and Jon Schwabish, The Urban Institute
4:00-5:15 pm Smoking, Genes, and Health: Evidence from the HRS
Daniel Benjamin, Andrew Caplin, David Cesarini, Kevin Thom, and Patrick Turley, New York University
Session #2: Guns
8:30-9:45 am Keep the Kids Inside: Juvenile Curfews, Bad Weather, and Urban Gun Violence
Jillian Carr, Texas A&M University and Jennifer Doleac, University of Virginia
9:45-11:00 am Do Concealed Gun Permits Deter Crime? New Results from a Dynamic Model
Marjorie McElroy, Duke University and Peichun Wang, University of Pennsylvania
Session #3: Homelessness
11:15-12:30 pm Do Homelessness Prevention Programs Prevent Homelessness?
William Evans, James Sulllivan, and Melanie Wallskog, University of Notre Dame
Session #4: Incarceration
1:30-2:45 pm Estimating the Effect of Incarceration on Recidivism and Employment: An RD Approach
Shawn Bushway, University of Albany; Catalina Franco, University of Michigan; David Harding, University of California Berkeley; and Jeffrey Morenoff, University of Michigan
2:45-4:00 pm The Criminal and Labor Market Impacts of Incarceration
Michael Mueller-Smith, University of Michigan
4:15-5:30 pm Estimating Prison Peer Effects: An Application of Local Instrumental Variables to Address Essential Heterogeneity in Social Interaction Effect Estimation
Heather Harris, University of California Berkeley; Kiminori Nakamura, University of Maryland; and Kristofer Bret Bucklen, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
Dinner and Evening Presentation
Skyview Room, Fluno Center
7:30-9:30 pm Dinner and Presentation: Phil Cook, Duke University
Regulating Guns: Sources and Uses
Session #5: The Safety Net and Children
8:15-9:30 am Safety Net or Safety Nets: How do the Value of Benefits and Inclusiveness of Coverage of Safety Net Programs Vary Across States?
Sarah K. Bruch, University of Iowa, Marcia K. Meyers, University of Washington
9:30-10:45 am State Safety Net Policies and Income Dynamics in Households with Children
Heather D. Hill, University of Washington, Caroline Freitag, University of Chicago
11:00-12:15 pm Childhood Medicaid Coverage and Later Life Health Care Utilization
Laura Wherry, UCLA; Sarah Miller, University of Michigan; Robert Kaestner, University of Illinois; and Bruce Meyer, University of Chicago
Session #6: The Value Added Model and Related Modeling Topics
1:15-2:30 pm Teacher Effects on Student Achievement and Height: A Cautionary Tale
Marianne Bitler, University of California Irvine; Sean Corcoran, New York University; Thurston Domina and Emily K. Penner, University of California Irvine
2:30-3:45 pm Revisiting the Impact of Teachers
Jesse Rothstein, University of California Berkeley
4:00-5:15 pm Group-Average Observables as Controls for Sorting on Unobservables When Estimating Group Treatment Effects: The Case of School and Neighborhood Effects
Joseph Altonji, Yale University and Richard Mansfield, Cornell University
Session #7: Topics in K-12 and Higher Education
8:15-9:30 am University Differences in the Graduation Rates of Minorities in STEM Fields: Evidence from California
Peter Arcidiacono, Duke University; Esteban Aucejo, LSE; and V. Joseph Hotz, Duke University
9:30-10:45 am Educational Attainment and School Desegregation: Evidence from Randomized Lotteries
Peter Bergman, Columbia University
11:15-12:30 pm The Effects of Targeted Recruitment and Comprehensive Supports for Low-Income High Achievers at Elite Universities: Evidence from Texas Flagships
Rodney Andrews, University of Texas Dallas; Scott Imberman, Michigan State University; and Michael Lovenheim, Cornell University
12:30-1:45 pm Investing in Schools: Capital Spending, Facility Conditions, and Student Achievement
Paco Martorell, University of California Davis, Isaac McFarlin and Kevin Stange, University of Michigan
1:45-2:00 pm Closing remarks and discussion