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Institute for Research on Poverty

"Current Research on the Low-Income Population"
June 24–27, 2013
Room 2520, Grainger Hall
975 University Avenue
Madison, WI

Session # 1: Data and Methods
12:00–1:15 The Role of CPS Non-Response on Trends in Poverty and Inequality
Charles Hokayem, U.S. Census Bureau, James Ziliak and Christopher Bollinger, University of Kentucky
1:15–2:30 Do Impact Estimates Depend on the Source of the Data Used to Measure Them? Evidence from Social Experiments
Burt Barnow, George Washington University, and David Greenberg, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
2:30–2:45 Break
2:45–4:00 Cross Atlantic Differences in Estimating Dynamic Training Effects
John Ham, University of Maryland, Per Johansson, Uppsala University, Robert LaLonde, University of Chicago, and Xianghong Li, York University
4:00–5:15 Poor Families, Poor Neighborhoods: How Family Poverty Intensifies the Impact of Concentrated Disadvantage on High School Graduation
Felix Elwert, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Geoffrey Wodtke and David Harding, University of Michigan
Dinner on your own  
Session # 7: Labor Markets (moved from Thursday)
8:30–9:45 Temporary Help Employment in Recession and Recovery
Carolyn Heinrich, University of Texas at Austin, and Susan Houseman, W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Session # 2: Children and Food
9:45–11:00 Identifying the Effect of WIC on Very Low Food Security among Infants and Children
Brent Kreider, Iowa State University, John Pepper, University of Virginia, and Manan Roy, IMPAQ
11:00–11:15 Break
Session # 3: Children and Jobs
11:15–12:30 Children Left Behind: The Effects of Statewide Job Loss on Student Achievement
Elizabeth Oltmans Ananat, Dania Francis, Anna Gassman-Pines, and Christina Gibson-Davis, Duke University
12:30–1:30 Catered lunch (discussion continues)
1:30–2:45 Job Displacement among Single Mothers: Effects on Children’s Outcomes in Young Adulthood
Jennie Brand, UCLA
Session # 4: Disability
2:45–4:00 The Effect of Disability Insurance Receipt on Labor Supply, Appeals and Re-Applications: Evidence from Hearing Office Level Decisions
Eric French, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Jae Song, U.S. Social Security Administration
4:00–4:15 Break
4:15–5:30 Disability, Earnings, Income and Consumption
Bruce Meyer, University of Chicago, and Wallace Mok, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Dinner & Roundtable
Alumni Lounge, Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street
6:00–9:30 Why U.S. Disability Policy Reform is Stymied and How We Can Move Forward
David Stapleton, Mathematica Policy Research
Session # 5: Crime
8:15–9:30 The Prison Boom and the Lack of Black Progress after Smith & Welch
Derek Neal and Armin Rick, University of Chicago
9:30–10:45 Improving Outcomes among Juvenile Offenders: Experimental Evidence of the Effectiveness of a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Intervention in Juvenile Detention
Sara Heller, and Jens Ludwig, University of Chicago, and Jonathan Guryan, Northwestern University
10:45–11:00 Break
11:00–12:15 How Welfare Reform Drove Up Female Arrest Rates
Christopher Uggen, University of Minnesota
12:15–1:15 Catered lunch (discussion continues)
1:15–2:30 The Effects of DNA Databases on Crime
Jennifer Doleac, University of Virginia
2:30–3:45 Preventing Youth Violence and Dropout: A Randomized Field Experiment
Jens Ludwig, Harold Pollack, and Roseanna Ander, University of Chicago
3:45–4:00 Break
Session #6: More on Children
4:00–5:15 Measuring the Effect of the Timing of First Birth on Wages
Jane Leber Herr, National Bureau of Economic Research
Dinner on your own  
Session #6: More on Children (continued)
8:00–9:15 Is Leaving Home a Hardship?
David Ribar, UNC-Greensboro
Session # 8: Higher Education
9:15–10:30 Disaggregating the Returns to College
Amanda Agan, University of Chicago
10:30–10:45 Break
10:45–12:00 Student Loans, the Cost of Borrowing, and Implications for the Effectiveness of Need-Based Grant Aid
Lesley Turner, University of Maryland, and Benjamin M. Marx, University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
12:00–12:30 Closing remarks and discussion (meeting adjourns)

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