Visiting Scholars, 2009–2010

About the Scholars

Dirk Antonczyk | Luis Ayala | Terry-Ann Craigie | Yoonsook Ha | Daphne Hernandez | Julia B. Isaacs
Pierre Koning | Jordan Matsudaira | Irma Mooi-Reci | Angela Valdovinos D'Angelo | Marie Waller

Dirk Antonczyk

Dirk Antonczyk, a doctoral student in economics from Freiburg, Germany, is working with IRP affiliate Thomas DeLeire from June 28 through August 29 to compare wage differences in the United States and Germany.

Luis Ayala

Luis Ayala, Professor of Economics at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, will be an IRP Visiting Scholar from May 17 through May 29, 2010. While at the Institute, Ayala will be researching and interacting with colleagues while working on his current areas of research interest: welfare dynamics, evaluation of welfare-to-work policies, income mobility, and multidimensional poverty.

Three recent publications are: Luis Ayala, Antonio Jurado and Francisco Pedraja, 2009, “Inequality and Welfare in Intra-Territorial Income Distribution,” in Regional Policy, Economic Growth and Convergence, ed. J.R. Cuadrado (Heidelberg: Springer); Luis Ayala, Jorge Onrubia, and Carmen Rodado, 2009, “How Do Services of Owner-Occupied Housing Affect Income Inequality and Redistribution?” Journal of Housing Economics 18: 224–232; and Luis Ayala and Magdalena Rodríguez, 2010, “Explaining Welfare Recidivism: What Role Do Unemployment and Initial Spells Have?” Journal of Population Economics 23: 373–392.

Terry-Ann Craigie

Terry-Ann Craigie, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Research on Child Wellbeing, Princeton University, will be in residence October 18 through 23, 2009.

On October 22, Craigie will present a seminar at IRP on “Effects of Paternal Presence and Family Instability on Child Cognitive Performance.”

Craigie earned a Ph.D. in economics from Michigan State University in 2009. Her dissertation is entitled “Empirical Essays in Family Structure and Early Child Outcomes.” Her research interests focus on family structure changes and how they influence child development, particularly among minorities and low-income families. With economic growth slowing since the turn of the century and the U.S. economy slipping into official recession in 2008, it is imperative to observe how low-income family structures are changing and how children are affected. Her work as an IRP Visiting Scholar will explore this issue in more depth.

A recent publication is “W. Arthur Lewis in Retrospect” co-authored with Charles Becker, 2007, The Review of Black Political Economy 34: 187–216.

Craigie’s hosts and mentors during her stay will be Marcy Carlson, Associate Professor of Sociology and IRP Affiliate; Timothy Smeeding, IRP Director and Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Public Affairs; and Jim Walker, Professor of Economics and IRP Affiliate.

Yoonsook Ha

Yoonsook Ha, Assistant Professor, College of Social Work, University of South Carolina at Columbia, will be visiting IRP from mid-May through August, to work on child support policy research with Professors Daniel Meyer and Maria Cancian. Her research interests include poverty, social policy, and children and families; child care policies and practices; child support; and policy analysis and program evaluation.

Daphne Hernandez

Daphne Hernandez, Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies and a Research Associate of the Population Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University, will be in residence May 5–7, 2010.

On May 6, she will present a seminar on recent work.

Hernandez received her Ph.D. in Applied Developmental & Educational Psychology in 2005 from Boston College and then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Poverty Center at the University of Michigan in 2007. Her interdisciplinary research agenda centers on individual, family, contextual, and policy influences on economically disadvantaged children’s development and family’s health and well-being. Specifically, her work focuses on the influence of (1) antipoverty policies on children’s development and family well-being and (2) fathers and their role in family health and well-being.

A recent publication is Hernandez, D. C., & Jacknowitz, A., 2009, “Transient, but not Persistent, Adult Food Insecurity Influences Toddler Development” Journal of Nutrition 139 (8): 1517–1524.

Hernandez’s hosts and mentors during her stay will be Lawrence Berger, Associate Professor of Social Work and IRP Affiliate; and Katherine Magnuson, Assistant Professor of Social Work and IRP Associate Director of Research and Training.

Julia B. Isaacs

Julia B. Isaacs, Child and Family Policy Fellow, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution, is spending 75 percent of her time at IRP in 2009–2010. Isaacs focuses on public investments in children and how children are affected by national budgetary policies. A former federal budget analyst, she also researches issues related to child poverty and the economic mobility of children and families across the income spectrum.

Recent work by Isaacs includes the first Wisconsin Poverty Report (co-authored with IRP Director Timothy Smeeding), Federal Expenditures on Infants and Toddlers in 2007 (co-authored with Jennifer Macomber and others), Federal Expenditures on Children in 2008 (co-authored with Tracy Vericker and others); and a series of three papers on Public Spending on Children and the Elderly. She also is the author of “Supporting Young Children and Families: An Investment Strategy that Pays,” a paper that appears in the First Focus bipartisan advocacy organization’s Big Ideas for Children.

Pierre Koning

Pierre Koning, Public Organization Program Leader at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, The Hague, will be an IRP Visiting Scholar from August through October 2009. While at the UW, Koning will be researching and interacting with colleagues while working on his main areas of research interest, public organization: incentives and effectiveness; welfare-to-work policies; and the administration of social security.

On September 3, he will present a seminar cosponsored by IRP, the La Follette School of Public Affairs, and WAGE on “Measuring the Effects of Education on Smoking Behavior: Evidence from Twin Data.”

Three of Pierre’s recent publications are Wolter H. J. Hassink and Pierre Koning, 2009, “Do Financial Bonuses Reduce Employee Absenteeism? Evidence from a Lottery,” Industrial & Labor Relations Review, 62(3): 325-340; P. W. C. Koning, 2009, “The Effectiveness of Public Employment Service Workers in the Netherlands,” forthcoming in: Empirical Economics; and P.W.C. Koning and D.J. van Vuuren, 2009, “Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance as Substitute Pathways,” forthcoming in: Applied Economics.

Jordan Matsudaira

Jordan Matsudaira, Assistant Professor, Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University, will be in residence March 15-19, 2010.

On March 18, Matsudaira will present a seminar on his current research.

Matsudaira’s current research focuses primarily on (a) the economics of educational interventions targeting urban and immigrant youth and (b) testing models of market power in low-wage labor markets. The lion’s share of his research focuses on the effectiveness of educational interventions aimed at students at high risk for adult poverty. In other work, he is studying the Title I grant program for poor schools, which is the largest federal government program for K-12 education. A third line of inquiry explores the role of bilingual instruction programs in the education of immigrant youth.

A recent publication is “Mandatory Summer School and Student Achievement: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis,” 2008, Journal of Econometrics 142(2): 829–850.

Matsudaira’s hosts and mentors during his stay will be Robert Haveman, John Bascom Professor of Economics and Public Affairs Emeritus and IRP Affiliate; John Karl Scholz, Professor of Economics and IRP Affiliate; Christopher Taber, Professor of Economics and IRP Affiliate; and James Walker, Professor of Economics and IRP Affiliate.

Irma Mooi-Reci

Dr. Irma Mooi-Reci, Assistant Professor of Social Research Methodology at the VU University, Amsterdam, will be in residence June 21-August 27, 2010.

Dr. Irma Mooi-Reci (Tirana, 1978) completed her PhD studies in December 2008 on the effects of unemployment insurance benefits on worker’s employment and re-employment wages. The impact of Irma’s research has resulted in Dutch media attention and a significant prize “2009 VU Junior Societal Impact Award” for the dissertation with the most societal impact written in 2008–2009. Mooi-Reci is assistant Professor of social research methodology at the VU University, Amsterdam, where she lectures on the subject of inequality in the labor market and quantitative research methods. Irma is member of the research group on Social Inequality and the Life Course (SILC) led by Prof. H.B.G. Ganzeboom and Prof. A. Liefbroer and chair of the (SILC) research seminars. Since 2010 she has also been a research member of the Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies (AMCIS). You can find more information about Irma’s research interests at:

Dr. Mooi-Reci will present a brownbag seminar on Thursday, August 12, 2010, in room 3470 William Sewell Social Sciences Building on "Unemployment Scarring: Cumulative Disadvantage or Poor Readiness to Work?" from 11:30 a.m. -12:45 p.m.

Mooi-Reci's host and mentor during her stay will be Markus Gangl, Professor of Sociology and IRP Affiliate.

Angela Valdovinos D'Angelo

Angela Valdovinos D’Angelo, Harold A. Richman Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, will be in residence at IRP April 19-23, 2010.

On April 22, 2010, she will present a seminar on recent research.

Angela Valdovinos D’Angelo completed her Ph.D. in Human Development and Social Policy in Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy. To date her research has focused on understanding the normative parenting processes of disadvantaged Latino and immigrant families, the influence of immigrant parenting on the developmental trajectories of young children, and how culture shapes parenting behavior. Two areas of research that she will pursue during her postdoctoral fellowship are: (1) Understanding the dropout epidemic and academic underperformance among Latino adolescents, and (2) Examining the links between early-childhood-program use, including fathers' involvement in programs, to the school readiness of very young children in immigrant families.

Valdovinos D’Angelo’s hosts and mentors during her stay will be Katherine Magnuson, Assistant Professor of Social Work and IRP Associate Director of Research and Training; and Ruth López Turley, Assistant Professor of Sociology and IRP Affiliate.

Marie Waller

Marie Waller, a doctoral student at the Institute for Economic Research, Department of Applied Econometrics, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany, will be a visiting scholar from August 16 to November 28. She is working with Carolyn Heinrich, IRP affiliate and director of the La Follette School of Public Affairs. Waller will be researching and interacting with colleagues on evaluation studies for active labor market policies.