Visiting Scholars, 2006–2007

About the Scholars

Scott Allard, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Taubman Center for Public Policy, Brown University, will be visiting for the fall semester. Professor Allard’s forthcoming book is titled: “Mismatches and Unmet Needs: The New Geography of Welfare Policy.”

Daphne Greenwood, Professor of Economics, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and Director of the Center for Colorado Policy Studies, will be visiting for ’06-’07. Professor Greenwood’s primary research interests are in tax policy, public finance and the distribution of income and wealth.

Anat Gofen, who recently completed her Ph.D. at the School of Public Policy at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will be a visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at IRP for ’06-’07. Her primary research interests are in family and education policies and the role of “family capital.”

Isaac McFarlin is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Texas at Dallas. He will visit IRP during the week of April 19–23, 2007. His recent research has focused on minority achievement, labor market returns to schooling, inequality and economic discrimination, and peer effects. He received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in 2004. A recent paper is “Do Schoolteacher Parents Make a Difference?”

Michael Owens, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Emory University, will be in residence at IRP February 18–24, 2007. His research areas include religion and public policy, urban politics and policy, and community building and social change. He received his Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Albany in 2001. He is the author of “Which Churches Will Take Advantage of Charitable Choice? Explaining the Pursuit of Public Funding by Congregations” (Social Science Quarterly, March 2006).

Yolanda Padilla is Professor of Social Work and Women’s Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She will visit IRP March 19–24, 2007. Her professional interests are in population studies focusing on racial and ethnic disparities in health and well-being, with emphasis on Mexican American children and families, poverty, and immigration. Her Ph.D. is from the University of Michigan. She is the co-author of “Immigration in the Life Histories of Women Living in the United States-Mexico Border Region” (Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Services, 2004).

Patrizio Piraino, a doctoral student in the Department of Economics at the University of Siena, has extended his IRP visit for a second year to participate in a research project—Assessing Equity and Excellence in Public Higher Education—funded by the Mellon Foundation. IRP affiliates Bob Haveman, John Witte and Barbara Wolfe are the principal investigators.

Ebonya Washington, Assistant Professor of Economics, Yale University, will visit IRP November 27–December 1, 2006. Professor Washington received her Ph.D. from MIT in 2003. Her research interests lie in public economics and political economy. A recent publication is “How Black Candidates Affect Voter Turnout” (Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2006).