Class of 2017: Graduate Research Fellows Program

Chancellor Rebecca Blank addresses the crowd during the spring commencement ceremony for doctoral and medical professional graduates, Kohl Center, May 12, 2017: "I hope that you will use your education to make this world a little better."
Photo: Bryce Richter, University of Wisconsin–Madison






Well Done!

IRP leadership, affiliates, staff, and continuing Graduate Research Fellows (GRFs) extend warm congratulations to the six GRFs who earned their Ph.D.'s this spring and are moving on to new adventures (five grads have academic appointments and one is returning to med school). The new doctors of philosophy in sociology, population health sciences, economics, and social welfare participated in IRP's GRF multidisciplinary training program and also were mentored by IRP Affiliate advisors and dissertation committee members, listed below.

New Poverty and Policy Ph.D.'s
(Listed: Dissertation, discipline, advisor and committee members, post-graduation plans)

Katharine Broton

Katharine Broton*
Dissertation: The Evolution of Poverty in Higher Education: Material Hardship, Academic Success, and Policy Perspectives
Discipline: Sociology
Advisor and committee members: Sara Goldrick-Rab (advisor), Myra Marx Ferree, Adam Gamoran, Eric Grodsky, & Pamela Herd
After graduation: Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Educational Policy & Leadership Studies, University of Iowa
*IRP GRF Program Dissertation Fellow

Natalie Guerrero Cofie

Natalie Guerrero Cofie
Dissertation: The Relationship Between Maternal Depression and Child Problem Behavior: An Analysis Using the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study
Discipline: Population Health Sciences
Advisor and committee members: Elizabeth Jacobs (advisor), Deborah Ehrenthal, Ronald Gangnon, Marah Curtis, Carmen Valdez
After graduation: Returning to medical school, University of Wisconsin–Madison to complete the MD/PhD training program

Joel Kaiyuan Han

Joel Kaiyuan Han
Dissertation: Essays in Neighborhood Change and Parental Responses
Discipline: Economics
Advisor and committee members: Steven Durlauf (advisor), Christopher Taber, Jesse Gregory
After graduation: Assistant Professor of Economics, Loyola University Chicago

Tenah Kuah Acquaye Hunt

Tenah Kuah Acquaye Hunt
Dissertation: The Promotive Influences of Cultural Socialization and Racial Identity on the Academic Achievement of Black Youth
Discipline: Social Welfare
Advisor and committee members: Lawrence Berger (advisor), Katherine Magnuson, Linn Posey-Maddox, Joseph Glass, and Kristen Slack
After graduation: Researcher, Learning through Evaluation, Adaptation, and Dissemination (LEAD) Center, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Andrea Larson

Andrea Larson
Dissertation: Essays on Drug Treatment of Child Mental Health Problems
Discipline: Social Welfare
Advisor and committee members: Lawrence Berger (advisor), Harry Brighouse, Jan Steven Greenberg, Kevin A. Look, and Stephanie A. Robert
After graduation: Postdoctoral Research Associate, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Kegon Tan

Kegon Tan*
Dissertation: Essays on Intergenerational Mobility
Department: Economics
Advisor: Steven Durlauf (Chair), Ananth Seshadri, Christopher Taber
After graduation: Assistant Professor, Economics Department, University of Rochester
*IRP GRF Program Dissertation Fellow