Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  • States finding ways to skirt cuts in food stamps, frustrating congressional goals, By Derek Wallbank and Alan Bjerga, March 9, 2014, Washington Post: “Congress last month passed a revamp of agriculture and food policy that was supposed to save the U.S. government $8.6 billion in food-stamp costs over a decade. That may not happen, though, now that some states are finding a way to avoid the cuts. New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania are triggering extra nutrition spending by adding money to a home-heating subsidy tied to increased food-stamp aid. The move feeds needy families while thwarting spending-reduction goals…”
  • Ohio to begin staggering release of food stamps, By Catherine Candisky, March 9, 2014, Columbus Dispatch: “Ohio will begin staggering distribution of food-stamp benefits next month. The change comes at the request of grocers who say stores are swamped at the beginning of each month, creating long lines, shortages of produce and other items, and the need for additional staff. Like many groceries, Buehler’s Fresh Foods in Delaware is busiest the first week of each month when many people receive their paychecks, Social Security benefits or food stamps…”

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