States and Medicaid Cuts

Many states cut Medicaid payments as stimulus ends, By Doug Trapp, November 16, 2011, San Antonio Express-News: “Fourteen states and the District of Columbia cut Medicaid physician pay for fiscal year 2011, down from 20 states in fiscal 2010. But continuing state budget deficits could lead to more new fee cuts than those already adopted for fiscal 2012, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The foundation’s 11th annual survey of state Medicaid programs concluded that continued Medicaid budget pressure on many states led them to expand cost-saving measures in 2011 and 2012. These moves included increasing enrollment in Medicaid managed care, reducing or ending optional benefits such as dental care, tightening prescription drug formularies, enacting or hiking co-payments and, most frequently, reducing Medicaid fees to doctors, according to the Kaiser report, released on Oct. 27…”

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