Kids Count Report – Maine

  • Report: More Maine kids living in poverty may lead to later needs, By Eric Russell, November 21, 2013, Portland Press Herald: “The number of children living in poverty in Maine continues to increase, as does the number who are getting social services such as food stamps. That trend is unsurprising but it could be leading to more cases of what experts call adverse child experiences, which often lead to problems in adulthood such as crime and drug abuse and could be contributing to a higher number of children in state custody. A 52-page report released Thursday by the Maine Children’s Alliance highlighted data used to track the well-being of Maine’s children. Most of the revelations were grim…”
  • Despite financial hardships, Maine teens smoking and drinking less, committing fewer crimes, By Seth Koenig, November 21, 2013, Bangor Daily News: “Maine teenagers smoke and drink less than four years ago, are more likely to graduate high school and have access to quality health care than the national average, and are less likely to have been arrested or physically abused than their peers in other states, according to a report released Thursday. But other trends in the nonprofit Maine Children’s Alliance’s 19th annual KIDS COUNT study showed cause for concern. The report reinforced statistics indicating more Maine children are living in poverty than in past years…”

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