Income Inequality in US Cities

  • Income gap widens as poor lose ground in recession recovery: report, Associated Press, January 14, 2016, NBC News: “The income gap afflicting major U.S. cities goes beyond the problem of rising paychecks for those at the top: Pay has plummeted for those at the bottom.  Many of the poorest households still earn just a fraction of what they made before the Great Recession began in late 2007. Even as the recovery gained momentum in 2014 with otherwise robust job growth, incomes for the bottom 20 percent slid in New York City, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Washington and St. Louis, according to an analysis of Census data released Thursday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank…”
  • Boston has greatest income inequality of big U.S. cities, study finds, By Dan Glaun, January 15, 2016, MassLive: “Boston has the highest income inequality of any large city in the United States, according to a new report from the Brookings Institution. In 2014, Boston’s inequality topped other Northeastern cities like Providence, New York and New Haven, who also cracked the top ten, according to the report. When overall metro areas were ranked — adding nearby communities like Cambridge and Newton — Boston dropped to sixth overall, behind the Bridgeport, Conn. and New York City regions…”

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