Earned Income Tax Credit

  • Obama budget would expand low-income tax break, By Jackie Calmes, March 3, 2014, New York Times: “When President Obama releases his proposed annual budget on Tuesday, he will grab his best opportunity of the year to show, in one comprehensive package of hard numbers and precise detail, how he would have the government address what he has called ‘the defining challenge of our time’ — economic inequality. Many of Mr. Obama’s perennial proposals on education, job training, research and more have hit a Republican wall in Congress, but this year the president is adding one with echoes of Republicans’ own ideas. He will propose expanding a longstanding tax break to better benefit workers who are childless, which the White House estimates will help 13.5 million additional Americans who hold jobs yet remain poor. The current tax break favors low-wage workers with children…”
  • Obama budget urges expanding earned income tax credit, By Aamer Madhani, March 3, 2014, USA Today: “President Obama’s 2015 budget to be unveiled on Tuesday will include a proposal to expand the earned-income tax credit for 13.5 million low-income Americans by closing tax loopholes benefiting certain fund managers and high-income, self-employed workers. Under Obama’s proposal, 7.7 million workers would be eligible for a larger credit and 5.8 million workers would be made newly eligible for the credit…”

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