Baby Boomers and Food Insecurity

8 million Baby Boomers face hunger in USA, report finds, By Lori Grisham, July 9, 2015, USA Today: “At least 8 million Baby Boomers are facing hunger in the USA and may be more vulnerable to food insecurity than their older peers, according to areport released Thursday from the food bank network Feeding America and funded by AARP Foundation. ‘Hunger is an invisible problem that millions of older Americans battle silently every day,’ AARP Foundation president Lisa Marsh Ryerson said in a statement. “We have found that the ‘youngest old’ tend to suffer the most, often having to skimp on meals or skip them altogether because they can¹t afford them,’ she wrote.  The ‘youngest old’ are Baby Boomers or adults from the ages of 50 to 64…”

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