High-Poverty Schools – Dallas, TX

Dallas ISD to ask city for help integrating high-poverty schools, By Tawnell D. Hobbs and Holly D. Hacker, February 16, 2016, Dallas Morning News: “Dallas ISD wants to try something radical this fall: Open a school where half the kids are poor and half aren’t. It’s radical because the vast majority of DISD schools are high poverty. Campuses with socioeconomic diversity are few and far between. Many middle- and upper-class families have left DISD over the years for private or suburban schools. To succeed, Dallas ISD will have to lure more students from families with more money back to district schools. Research shows that poor children do much better when they learn alongside wealthier peers…”

Child Poverty – Dallas, TX

Study: Nearly 30% of Dallas County children growing up in poverty, By Sherry Jacobson, November 12, 2013, Dallas Morning News: “Despite an improving economy, children in Dallas County are still suffering, according to a report released Tuesday by Children’s Medical Center Dallas. Nearly 30 percent of those 18 and younger were living below the poverty level last year. Some had no health insurance and many were in homes without enough food. ‘Poverty is the common factor in substandard academic achievement, exposure to crime, domestic abuse and emotional distress,’ said Christopher J. Durovich, Children’s president and chief executive officer. ‘Without access to preventive health care, impoverished children also suffer from needless illnesses.’ He said he was surprised the percentage of poverty-stricken children has been virtually unchanged for the last three years…”